Gebr. Goldschmidt, velocipedfabrik Neumarkt, 'rational' 1892

Incredible how this original Goldschmidt (velocipedfabrik Neumarkt) has survived 125 years. It is one of the most original ordinaries I know. And what I have never seen: the original makers transfer on the backbone, at the location behind the saddle where Goldschmidt (former Goldschmidt&Pirzer) normally detached a bronze maker's plate.

It is the model Union nr. 1, that was introduced in the 1892 catalogue as being new with the langer 20 inch rear wheel. This model was colled the 'rational', in a last attempt  to make the ordinary more safe - but the safety bicycle had already won the race. I guess it was only produced in 1892 - it was about the last year any factory made ordinaries. 

What do we see? 54 inch front wheel and 20 inch rear. Serial number 5967 firmly stamped in the hub flanges. The well-known Bown Aeolus ball berings.  The wonderful brake lock (with key!) that all Goldschmidts have. The detachable handlebars an radial butted spokes make it a Union nr. 1 model. The Union nr. 2 had tangent spokes and was the top model, the Union nr. 3 had straight spokes and fixed handlebars and was cheaper.

Other detail that I see are the pedals without ball bearings - quite a cheap construction in 1892. They may have been changed one day?   And I love the original Brooks International saddle....
Only detail not original is of course the metal dust shield ar the rear of the head. 

Antique bicycles can hardly get better than this one. Thanks Klaus for the pictures!